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There is magic in learning an old craft and finding a way to modernize it
I am a printmaker and fibre artist, with a particular interest in geometric shapes, interesting colour combinations, and finding ways to make traditional craft feel modern and fresh.

Alllll the things but mostly the ones that take forever, take years to master and require the patience of a Buddhist monk.

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Handspun yarn

Some people meditate. I spin and weave. Aside from the personal satisfaction I get from being THAT person and knowing that I will still be able to clothe myself in an apocalypse situation, I love the freedom and control making my own yarn gives me. Instead of relying on what is commercially available, I can make exactly what's in my head and know where it came from, how it was made, and perhaps most importantly, make more if I run out. Because I like working with natural materials, I spin exclusively 100% wool (sheep, llama, and alpaca) and use plant dyes when I want to add a pop of colour not found in the myriad of fleece colours the animals grow naturally. I do purchase some prepared spinning fibre as a special treat but mostly I clean and process raw fleeces myself. As a bonus, because I source these from local farmers with small flocks, I often know the exact sheep my wool came from. And there is something incredibly special in knowing that Frodo or Sweetpea are lounging in a green pasture while I recline on a pillow I made from the wool they grew.

Home decor is the main reason I started making a lot of the things I make. It took me years to grow into my own decorating style but once I did, I wasn't satisfied with having a home that could have come from an Ikea showroom. I wanted to surround myself with things that were not only beautiful, but also had a story and a character of their own and reflected what I liked, not what an art director of a major corporation decided I should like. I make wall decor like one-of-a-kind prints and handwoven wall hangings but I am also focusing a lot on making items that serve a function in addition to being decorative, such as handwoven pillows and storage baskets. It's my way of paying tribute to the movement towards minimalism while retaining personal expression.

Coming soon!

Once I started making my own home decor, it was only a matter of time before I expanded to sprucing up my personal style. As always, it started as a matter of need when I found commercially available reusable totes wanting - the handles weren't right, the size was too small, or the material didn't feel nice. And how do you wash those things, anyway? I now have a small herd of simple and practical market totes made from recycled fabric and am adding handwoven elements to the next batch I'm working on. Lost of other projects are in the queue and I can't wait to share these with you. Stay tuned!


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